Toshiba 32WLT Quality of Picture re Football



Thinking of purchasing a Toshiba 32WTL
Does any one have any experience of picture quality watching football?
Ie do you get any blur?



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The 32WLT58 has minor blur on freeview, though the better the channel the less blur u get. Football not only depends on channel but what cameras are used at the games, as the quality can vary. The only times I noticed blur on footie though was when they show a player close up taking a throw in, and when they show a close up of a player running the out of focus crowd blurred alot. Its not great, there is also minor motion smear as well, but I think its acceptable as its not headache inducing. Just pray the World Cup comes through in HD.

Check out the Hitachi 32LD7200, Ive seen football on this through a good sky connection. Its better than the Tosh in this area, no blur, minimal smearing and grass detail was better looking less smudged.


ive had this lcd for 1 month and the football is great, ive not seen any blur


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Regardless of blur, motion or any other description, I think that we all admit that HD Ready TV's do not display football as clearly as CRt.


I have the 37" and watching football on Sky is excellent, but I have gone from a 42" Rear Projection Toshiba and compared to this new LCD that was total blur and fuzziness, even the crowd looks clearer to me. :hiya:

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