Toshiba 32WL66 and more questions about hd


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hi not new to the forum but had to sign up again .

have a 28inch tv normal widescreen . and was thinking of buying a new tv

i have sky plus which i have had for 4 months which the full package but been a customer for over 10 years i would like a hd tv without digtal tv built in.

should i go for a plasma or lcd

mostly be used for watching the football and cartoons
maybe a ps3 in a few years when the price drops . i have a ps2 tho at the moment.

how would i go around getting sky hd and what are the prices?

saw this tv

what do u think of it. andcan i get a better price.

also will i need to buy anythink else.


I would have posted this regardless of your last reply ;)

I have a Tosh 32wl*t* (built in tuner). Of course you won't be using that.

Do you connect your Sky via RGB Scart? or Normal Scart? If the latter the TV will be decent, use socket 2. RGB Scart can have slight interference lines on DARK scenes. I only use that for my old Gamecube so it doesn't bother me at all. Everything else I have is connected via HDMI or Component and its a great picture.

Regarding "football" - if that is your most intended usage and it's really important to you then perhaps PLASMA may be better at this time. I have seen matches on the Tosh built in tuner that look both really good and below average, though this is more down to the transmission quality of the Stations than any TV. Plasma can help mask those problems, though is less accurate. I'm not mad into footbal so it doesn't bother me anyway. Plasma can give a more natural look to fast action like football but has many cons as well. You really need to check them both out with a DVD of football or something.

Apart from the "plasma V LCD" issue, I think the Tosh is a good all rounder. PS3 in a few years to hook up? Maybe you'll be waiting for a 1080p set? (A plasma CERTAINLY wouldn't be the best choice for that with it's lower res than LCD and lack of clarity). For consoles/computers I believe that LCDs offer a better picture (if it has a fast response time which the Tosh has - 8ms).

I use the Xbox 360 (720p) and it looks fine. The ps3 isn't going to be doing anything out of the ordinary that the 360 can't (sony hype machine) apart from possibly running games at 1080p so I wouldn't base a decision now (i.e holding off for an expensive 1080p TV) on what the PS3 may or may not deliver.

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