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Toshiba 32WL56 or Samsung LE32R41BDX

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by Searcher73, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Searcher73

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Can anyone offer some advice regarding my dilemma? I currently have the Toshiba 32wl56 and extremely pleased with the set however since purchase the TV has had a fault where it intermittingly switches itself off then immediately back on, now this only occurs once sometimes twice a week so doesn’t really affect my enjoyment but obviously its faulty and requires either a repair or to be replaced. After several weeks of battles with the supplier Play.com over me being supplied with a replacement and they demanding under their term & conditions that I accept a repair as I never notified them in writing within 30 days that the TV was faulty they have finally agreed to replace the TV because I complained that the repair would be carried out by a 3rd party company and not Toshiba :)

    Anyway the Tosh is currently out of stock and I am pondering over to go for the Samsung LE32R41BDX, which is also £50 cheaper, and in stock.

    Does anyone have experience of both TV’s and can offer any advice on this matter? I think both are similar in specs etc but I kinda prefer the Samsungs looks over Tosh now I’ve seen the Samsung in the flesh but I am not going to base my decision on that alone.

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