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Toshiba 32WD98 -- loss of colour and definition

Discussion in 'TVs' started by Johnfused, May 3, 2002.

  1. Johnfused


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    I have a 2yr old 32" Toshiba digital TV. Cost over £1000.

    Just replaced my DVD for DVD writer.

    OK for a day. Since then, the colo(u)r and definition have degraded -- like the difference between 'Safe Mode' and 'Normal Mode' on a computer monitor.

    I've disconnected all 3 scarts and tried just composite connection. No difference. I'm told by a local, personally recommended engineer, that it's the "digiboard" and will be so expensive to replace (and potentially something else could go wrong) I should consider scrapping the TV. He'd give me £150 for it. Yikes. S.E.M.E. (TV parts in Milton Keynes) have said Yup, it might be the digital board and could v.v. expensive (so maybe scrap it).

    I've emailed a photo of screen to Toshiba UK they can't even answer simple questions like 'What can go wrong with digital screens', 'What _might_ the problem be'? All they can say is I have to call in a local specialist (local = 30miles away).

    I'd really like some information first. Spending so much money on digital tv and we don't know what might go wrong with them...

    I notice a similar thread about a different screen fault, also Toshiba.

    Have attached a photo of screen. (Yeah, that's a papier mache bust of Grouch Marx on top of the tele.):

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