Toshiba 32RV635DB


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Hi I need some assistance.

I recently treated myself to the Toshiba and Freesat after much deliberation. Both devices are brilliant and I am very pleased with my purchases.

However today my daughter connected her laptop to the TV via SVGA cable and with little tweaking of the display settings got a pretty good picture.
But since disconnecting the laptop. I have no sound. I have checked both mute buttons and all the menu and settings on both devices. All to no avail.
I can view all the freesat channels and any of my recordings but in total silence.
I even tried playing a video back also to no avail although that kept stopping with blue screen. The VCR is relatively old and basic Panasonic works ok on the old analogue tv.
This seems to point to a setting on the tv but I'm baffled as to what the problem is.
As a newbie to this site and AV virgin I suspect/hope this to be one of the dumb questions with a simple answer.
Please be gentle with me
Cheers Johnboy51


Hi and welcome to AVF where everyone is gentle.:thumbsup:
You'd better check the TV menu to be sure it's not set to turn off the internal speakers.


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Thanks for the reply but I did what every PC helpdesk advises and powered both boxes off at the wall for 10 minutes and powered back up - reconected the TV to HDMI1 and hey presto we have sound.
It must be magic.


It was going to be my next suggestion.:thumbsup:

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