Toshiba 32BV702B Xbox 360 HELP


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Hello guys

I've got this Toshiba 32BV702B


I also own the new Xbox slim, and a Panasonic Blu Ray player.
I got the new TV for my birthday (today :clap: ) to replace a 27inch 720p HDTV. So as soon as I unboxed the thing, I put a blu ray in, set to 1080p and wow. It looks incredible, so sharp and perfect. (On the xbox, 'optimum settings' take it to 1080i)

Then I plug in my Xbox 360, put battlefield in, and watch as it loads up. I knew I would have to fiddle with the settings a bit, so it looked pretty bad when it first loaded up. Went to dashboard and put the HD settings up to 1080p.
:eek: I watched in horror as the screen looked like an old PS1 game. So I tried every HD setting, and nothing worked. I took it down to 720p, and it was still unplayable. I tried Fifa12 too, but no luck, could as well have been fifa98.

Everything was 'jaggey' and really out of focus, the colours were pretty dire too. It just seemed like the right setting wasn't there.

I've used the same xbox, HDMI cable and blu ray player on my older TV, all worked fine then. How can it possibly be this bad?
The TV worked amazingly with the Blu Ray, so I don't think it's the TV.
I've tried another HDMI cable.

Can anyone help me here? I'm really concerned that I will have to spend a lot of money to fix this.

Any suggestions?


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I've been fiddling with it all day.
The screen runs at 1080p, but always at 60hz?
Even when I set it to 50hz, it says it can run at 50hz, but then says 60hz.

Very odd.

If I can't solve this by tomorrow I will have to take it back and buy another one, which means shelling out £100 extra for the next best thing.



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I am having the same problems! Looks nice and clear when plugged into my macbook but the XBOX stuff is woeful. Connecting it my a HDMI cable so should all be well...did you find the solution?

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