Toshiba 32" flat widescreen CRT & stand for £99.97 at Dixons!


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I've placed an order. I very much doubt I will see the TV arrive next Monday as arranged but we can hope!


Think they forgot to put the 4 in front and surprisingly out of stock now.
Pity, but hope you get yours KevD


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Dear Customer,

Thank you for placing an order for the Toshiba 32ZP46P through the Dixons
website. We are very sorry to have to inform you that the TV was advertised by
mistake as it is now an end of line product and all stock has been sold. In the
circumstances, we cannot accept your order and, in line with the terms and
conditions on our website, we confirm that the order is cancelled and that no
money has been taken. We apologise most sincerely for this error on our part
and for any disappointment which we have caused.

This email is for your information only, and does not require a response.
Can't say I'm surprised ;)


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my mate rang them and they said that they had sold out and the price was due to an over stock situation... love it when you get different stories... I kinda believe the email one over this - afterall, atleast there they admit a mistake :)

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