Toshiba 32/36 Strata TV


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Just trying to decide between either of the above Toshiba TVs and the Sony 36FS76....

Can anyone tell me how tall these two TVs are including the stand? I am interested in either the ZD26 or the ZT29. (The sizes on Toshibas web page are for the TV only.)

Also could somebody please measure the height available within each shelf. It may be a bit of a squeze to get all my AV gear in.


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I've got the Tosh 36ZT29B.

Total height inc stand - 111cm

Top shelf height - 157mm

Bottom shelf height - 200mm

Both shelves have a width of 840mm

I think the 36ZD26 is pretty much the same.

Might be worth trying to look at the stand before you buy though if you're worryied about fitting several bits of AV equipment in though as the back of the shelves are semicircular in shape which limits the available depth if you are trying to fit two bit of equipment side by side (my Pace Sky digibox and Sony VHS just fit in it side by side).

Its a great looking set which I've had about a month and the integrated DD is quite nice.


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Thanks for that Chi_Z
I have been unable to find a 36" Tosh on display and did not have a tape measure with me when I saw the 32".

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