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Toshiba 30WL46 - power on fault - opinions?



Over the past year I have experienced power faults on two different model Toshiba TVs. Admittedly these were graded but I would expect them to last longer than 3 months:

1. Toshiba CRT 28ZD28
2. Toshiba LCD 30WL46

I initially purchased a "graded" Toshiba 28" widescreen CRT TV (28ZD28) which after approx 3 months developed a fault where it would not power on and stayed on standby. After considerable time and dealing with the completely incompetent service company the TV was returned to the shop, they did not have another in stock and I agreed to pay difference (reduced for inconvenience) to upgrade to a Toshiba LCD 30WL46.

This also worked for approx 3 months and then also developed a fault where where it would power up if left on standby but when turned off at the power switch and left off overnight when powered on, just a green timer led (labelled with a clock) came on instead of the expected red standby LED(then brought out of standby using the remote to blue light). It also made a low whistling noise while like this. I initially thought this may of been a power on timer of some kind and so disabled this in the tv menu, when I could get the TV powered on (took several tries to get it to power on) and left the tv on standby. Later on the fuse in the 13A plug blew and I replaced it with another with the correct rating and powered the tv back on. I then powered it off and it wouldn't power on at all other than the green timer light. I took the TV back to the shop and they alledgley sent it off to Toshiba for repair, 4 weeks later it was returned in working order. Recently though it is taking gradually longer to show the red standby light when powered off at switch (not standby), if left for 5 mins it eventually powers on to standby red light and then can be turned on (to blue light).

After searching here it seems there the whistling can be due to the backlight levels and also there is a known fault with this model TV that Toshiba is aware of.

I intend to take the TV back to the shop for a refund as they obviously can't repair it or sell TVs that work but wonder if anyone can shed any light on these faults (I work in IT not with AV equipment so excuse ignorance!).

It seems odd that I have had three different TVs with similar faults??? (admittedly graded).

Also two different repairers have failed to fix the fault on this latest TV, is this a known fault with this TV or is the shop just using shoddy repairers?

Is this something I can contact Toshiba about? I believe the contract is with the shop and not Toshiba but if this is a common fault on their TVs they maybe prepared to resolve it?

I was told by the shop that all the big TV companies now outsource their support to external companies and hence the long time delay for repairs???

If anyone can provide any pointes or info it would be very much appreciated.


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