toshiba 2987 db colour problem (to fix it )

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    the problem lies in toshiba`s lack of room in the box if anyone wants to know how to fix this problem of the 2987 db .(tv will have gone greenish then brown or yellow some cases red )

    dont open the case unless it is switched off and you can still be electicuted if it is unplugged because it stores power in the transformer use caution . you cant say i dident warn you .get an electrician to do it for you any electrician with this knolage can fix the colour problem and it will only cost his time (abought 30 min ) read this fully before opening case

    the fault lies in the fact that they wanted to save money there box is too small at the rear of the unit and vibration causes the tuner just behiend the back pannel to rub . it is the little box on the back of the board if you are looking at the scart it is on the left at the back facing you .you cant miss the tuner. there are 2 dials on it .it is at the rear of the case when the back pannel is removed (do not open it with the it plugged in and do not stick your hand in if u are not an eleectrician (der)).
    anyway the top tuner is for the v hold and the bottom one is 4 colour the colour one is the one you have to move to fix the problem . please do not take this advise if u are under 18 or drunk the outcome will be bad . and because your coulour went mad. you messed up all your settings so change them back first . darkness colour and brightness on 7 then tint on 5 and the bottom one theat i cant remember on 24 others to 0. this will fix any problems but do not spend any money on another set before getting a compertant person to try this fix this simple mastake by toshiba. then use the remote to change the brightness to your fave settings .it will still go a stange colour but within 2 or 3 sec will fix its self and to save settins remember to use the menu key on your remote. its easy when you know how ..

    sorry for the waffal but these problems are built in ime shure they could have made a better tuner or made it fully digital oh well .hope your money hasent been wasted trying to fix this.

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    So you should be.:nono:
    You haven't a clue what you're talking about and this is just a load of Tosh.

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