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I have got a brand new Tosh ZH37P here. /Me has 2 problems.

1 - I have got a black (small) dot in me screen. It is very annoying... i would describe it as a dead pixel.!
2 - I have got a humming sound from my TV (from the back)

Search result: Prolly that humming sound is a feature of this tv ?
i find this VERY hard te believe .. i read about someone who

Originally posted by kazzup
I agree about moving the wires. I have the 36inch model was making buzzing sound which was audible during nightime, moved the wires about at the back and sound gone! Also it had shadows down either side of screen, engineer came out and said
the tube was faulty, also mentioned something about not been aligned properly during testing, as they apprently dont have enouth time setting it. Tube now been replaced and no shading or dirty screen, just fantastic picture! extremely happy


Did he mean opening the tv from the back and move the wires a bit or something ?

General Skanky

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The black dot sounds like a phosphur burn in the screen. If so it's incurable. It'd be the sort of thing a TV would get when on demo with it's screen on the whole day long, day after day, with high brightness/contrast settings.

Paul Atreides

Phosphor burn leaves an image, he is talking about one faulty pixel.

I have a few of these on my monitor and TV, you don't really notice them. I think a small amount is acceptable and wouldn't get you an exchange.


well, it is a Toshiba television.. and I have 2 weeks exchange.
so i am gonna replace it for another tv..

I really like this Tosh, but the buzzing sound is VERY annoying..
a few ppl say by notching and turning my cables it would go away.
no luck here!

So, my buzzing sound stays... any suggestions ?

ps: it is very hard to determain if the replacement Tosh also buzzes .. its a kinda busy story with like 6900 tv's on :)

Paul Atreides

Originally posted by General Skanky
Sorry, I thought it was a crt.
So did I. :confused:

(I know TV's don't have pixels but it's the easiest way to describe an imperfect phosphor cell)

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