TOSHIBA 28ZD26B DISTORTION (Damsel in distress)


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I purchased the Tosh 28zd26b from Empire direct a week ago and i have now got it up and running. On doing this i've noticed that the TV seems to make a very annoying buzzing sound?!:(
Which i could probably live with. But anytime i play something that is NTSC through the compenet in, the top 2 inches of the screen distort. :mad:
Does anybody know why this happens? or Has anybody had this happen to them?
Will empire direct refund/exchange the product?
Any information given from you super intelligent guys would be a great help.
Thanks in Advance


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I had that same television as you and had the buzzing aswell, got it replaced with a sony 28ls60 on Friday but that was faulty too!! Anyway i never got round to testing the tvs component inputs but its probably the faulty tv. If i were you i'd get it replaced ASAP!!


Same here

My second 28ZD26P is going back for good
Buzzing was too much to ignore and second one suffered a lot of "smearing"
Was looking at other TVs over the week end, and it is clear how toshiba used cheap material to build this TV (and this probably applies to the electrical components inside)
I think you should ask for a swap... for another make of 28"
I am still deciding what to go for...but most prob will be a panasonic



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Thank you for your help, I have contacted empire and i'm in the midst of getting it exchanged. Any ideas of which 32 to get?

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