Toshiba 28ZD26 - PS query among others!

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by F G, Sep 28, 2004.

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    Hi – I’m not sure if I’ve posted this in the correct forum however as it’s mostly TV related I’ll post here.

    I have a query which I’m hoping someone may be able to help me with.

    I have a Toshiba 28ZD26 connected to a multi-region Pioneer 565A DVD player via a THOR RGB component cable.

    When I initially connected the component cable & threw in an NTSC encoded disc I set the DVD to output a progressive signal from the component output which it then proceeded to do – which was fantastic by the way.

    However later after I had switched the DVD player off & turned it back on, the TV was not receiving a compatible picture via the component input even though it was an NTSC progressive signal sent out by the DVD player (I think).

    When I hooked up the DVD via SCART & changed the DVD component output back to interlaced, the TV rec’d the signal, however when I switch the component output back to progressive once the DVD player is on, the TV also shows the picture!! It also does this with a PAL disc!

    So I suppose my question is – is the DVD player outputting progressive for both PAL & NTSC (which I thought it could not) & further is my supposed NTSC only progressive scan compatible capable of receiving a PAL progressive scan picture? Or is it all interlaced even though I changed the component output to progressive????

    I am mystified – if anyone knows more about this I would definitely be grateful for any information.


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