Toshiba 28Z23(B) Any Good?



I was wondering whether anyone has a Toshiba 28Z23(B) or has seen a review of it somewhere.

It looks like a nice telly and an excellent price of just over £400 for a true flat screen TV, but i can't find hardly any information about it anywhere so if someone could help me out I would appreciate it.

Picture quality is quite good but the one I had had very poor geometry. The sound is really 'naff' at just 5w/ch.
The worst thing is the stand. It is crap. The set is just too heavy and the shelf it sits on bends as do the glass shelfs underneath.
Mines gone back and now have a Philips 28PW6515 which I highly recommend.;)
Thanks for your help, might reconsider my purchase then, but i heard that the Philips 28PW6515 has some picture problems, people complained about distortion on the right?
There were some people not happy in the past but all the people who have bought recently have been very happy, me included!:)
Type in the model in search and you'll get more views.
I have found an excellent price (QED 32" for about £600), seems like they have dropped quite a bit, but after searching for it on the forum I don't think i will risk it!

Are there any problems at all that you've had with it?
None at all so far...

Returned 3 JVC's and Toshiba before I got this one. If you're still unsure check out the Sony LS35 which has some good reviews. Still think the Philips is better value and better looking thou! Paid £459 from Comet Direct with free delivery.:)

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