TOSHIBA 28Z07B Problem?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by linval, Mar 10, 2003.

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    Hi Guys
    I recently purchased the TOSHIBA 28Z07B, I set everything up, attached my dvd player to the set as well as my vcr.

    When I switched on my Wharfedale dvd player, the tv switched to 4.3 mode and the screen bends outwards.?

    Also if I switch to 4.3 mode whilst watching a video, the screen also bends outwards.

    the wharfedale must automatically switch to 4.3 when loading a movie, and both sides of the 4.3 frame bend outwards?

    soon as the movies starts, it then switches to wide and everything is okay, no bending of the screen when in W/S mode.

    Am I just being picky or is there a fualt with my Toshiba Tv?

    Even if I just switch my Dvd player on and the Wharfedale logo is visible on screen, you can seen bulging on both sides of the 4.3 frame?

    I tried this on my Panasonic dvd and its the same?, and like I say, it does this when I watch 4.3 movies on VHS.

    Any help with this dilema, would be greatly apprecited


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