Toshiba 28Z07B geometry



I have had a Toshiba 28Z07B for a few months now. A week or so after it arrived I noticed that the picture bent to the right at the top of the screen when displaying "high contrast" vertical features. Via 24-7 Electrical, I got someone from Peterborough Video Services to come out. He said he hadn't seen anything like this before and took the TV away for 2 weeks. It came back and they said that they had repaired it. It soon became apparent that the problem had not been cured - but it had changed - the picture now bends in slightly at both top left and top right corners when displaying things like window frames. The effect is lessened by reducing the sets contrast a lot. I talked to Peterborough Video who said they had been unable to replicate the problem but had "changed everything that could cause it". Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do now? The set is still under guarantee. Is this something I dare try and fiddle with myself?

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