Toshiba 28 ZD26P


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Aug 30, 2002
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Just picked this Television up from for £561 earlier this week (just notcied that the price has gone up to £620 now!!) Anyway the picture on this blows everything else away in this price range, i'm just waiting on getting the high definition pack for my xbox to see what the progressive scan picture is like. Anyway i just thought if anyone else was thinking about getting one, i'll answer any questions you want to know about this tv.
does it come with that open stand shown on the tosh web site and not the fancy one that the 32 and 36 inchers get?

I'm trying to decide between this or a sony ls60 or a philips 9527

yeah it comes with the open stand which in my opinion is not the best in the world but i'm getting a pine tv stand soon anyway. I looked at the sony 28ls60 too but felt this ones picture was better and also has the opportunity to turn off 100hz and also the component inputs with the progressive scan were a major selling point for me.
Hi I also bought same TV from QED.
icture great, just a little flicker on 100hz
BUT MAIN COMPLAINT is that it does not memorise the picture settings for the different channels
so have to go through menu everytime

why is this so...are all toshiba like this?
I'm also looking at the Toshiba and was wondering what the service was like from QED and is there anywhere else where the price is below £600 delivered? as £620 is pushing my budget!

Shame about the stand, surely a closed in stand would be expected for this kind of spec. television....?


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The service was very good, even down to the courier because he called at lunch time was i was out and then came back at about 6 when i was in so i didnt have to waste another day waiting for it. The cheapest i've seen it for is at who have it for 620 i think now, i dont know what was going on earlier this week when i managed to get it for £560!!! from the same site.

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