Toshiba 27wlt56b design problem

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by andrew1210, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Please see an old thread for more info.

    Also my own thread from before -

    Hi, sorry to resurrect an old thread. I have the same set from 2006 with identical issues. Inputs such as PC dvi etc ,disappearing, picture 'dropped' 1 inch to bottom and to the right leading too parts cut off such as scrolling info in Sky News etc. also the TV will.not remember settings.that are different from default, so.when powered off, equaliser,.colour,.personal settings etc are lost until a full reset is done which also restores the inputs until powered off! Also, as said, the TV ignores RGB sources and duplicates these inputs in what is.left of the source list!

    Also the TV can be turned to standby at night and I.awake to the TV 'stuck' on two green leds, 'timer/wait' and power. The TV locks up in this state.

    Also firmware updates fail.

    Truly an awful product from TOSHIBA who I always thought were a highly respected brand.....

    Did anyone ever get anywhere?

    Thanks for reading my rant!!

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