Toshiba 27WLT56 v 27WLT58



Does anyone know what the differences are between these 2 teles....

I am waiting on the 58 coming out but not too many sites mention it yet.


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:-( Sadly, yes. The difference between the Toshiba 27WLT56 and the 27WLT58 is that the 27WLT56 exists. I have been waiting for ages for this TV to be released but Toshiba told me that they are not doing a 27" WLT58. Crazy but true. I was gutted, as for me it would have had the best features, styling and price.

The 56 is too ugly imo so it's back to the drawing board.

Toshiba!!, you are so dumb and I hate you! Glad I got that of my chest.



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so why does toshiba have it on there site??

I have the '56 and apart from the lack of proper component input i'm very happy with it.......and btw it's not *that* ugly lol.


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nick501 said:
so why does toshiba have it on there site??
They don't.

Shame that they won't be doing a 27" WLT58 (I emailed them last week asking about it but haven't had a reply).

I have recently seen the 32" at JL though and I have to say that because of the picture frame design it doesn't look too large. Just costs more though! :(
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