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Toshiba 27wl46 or 26wl46?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by RogueTrooper, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. RogueTrooper


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    Where do I start.

    I am new to the LCD world and am looking to spend about £1000.

    I have three options 23inch/26inch or 27inch.

    I looked at and saw the Toshiba 27wl46 which can be got for about £950. Does anybody know if this a good TV. If I am looking at the 26/27 inch range. Is there a better make or model for about the same price?

    The 26wl46 is being phased out and is slighlty more expensive, but has active vision. Does this make it any better?

    The other option was the 23wld46 which has a built in DVD player.

    Would you say I am looking at decent tv's or should I go for a different make.

    I am more interested in the performance of the TV than the size so 23 or 27 inch will do. I don't really want to go bigger.

    Any help? :lease:
  2. gnudi


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    I own the 30WL46 myself and I am very pleased with it...
    Its a very good set for general usage like TV ,DVD or games..
    The TV reception is particulary good if that's what you're looking for..
    Not the best for top notch connectivity but handles very well average sources on standard RGB scart...
    But , cant you find the 30inch for about 1000£? I paid mine 1590€...
  3. daveb975

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    Oct 25, 2002
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    I own the 26WL46 and am very pleased with it. Others on the forum have been pleased with the new ranges as well, though.

    I am unsure what difference the lack of Active Vision makes to the new sets, but the picture on the 26WL46 is excellent.

    The main thing that made me choose the 26WL46 was the fact it has two sets of component inputs - the new range have none. The new range make up for this by having DVI, but this is of little use unless you have a DVD player that supports it. I am using a Denon DHT500SD all-in-one with the 26WL46, and have no plans to upgrade this for some time.

    Secondly, my TV is in the bedroom, so having the speakers underneath rather than on the side fitted in a bit better.

    As Gnudi mentioned, you should be able to find the 30WL36 for not much more than £1k if you are looking for a slightly bigger screen size.

    In terms of other makes, I looked at the Sharp sets, which have now been phased out. IMO it is now difficult to beat the picture on the Toshiba LCDs without paying significantly more for the Panasonic 26".

    If you do want to get the 26WL46, time is running out. Powerhouse still have them at £999.

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