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Toshiba 27AFX54 problem

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by ranf, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. ranf


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    Hey everyone! :hiya: I have a Toshiba 27AFX54 TV and I get some kind of interference when playing my DVD or LD player.
    My TV is connected to my Pioneer AV Amp by Monster's THX S-Video cable (not Ultra). My LD and DVD players are also connected to the amp by the same S-Video chords and by optical chords for sound. The only other things connected on the back of my TV is the cable TV chord (direct, no box. Also Monster chord) and two audio chords to connect the sound of the TV to the amp to get 5 channel sound instead of using the TV speakers.
    When I watch TV, there is no problem. When I turn on my amp to watch a DVD or LD, I suddently get vertical and diagonal lines running across my TV. If I unscrew the cable TV chord from the back of my TV, all is fine, but the minute I put it back, lines...
    Why is this happening? Cheap chords? Magnetic? The chords are shielded. I'm getting frustrated. They tell me to upgrade to Ultra for an S-Video chord for the back of the TV, but to me, it's the cable TV chord causing the problem, not the S-Video/amp. Am I wrong? Please help! Thanks in advance!

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