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I've just bought the Tosh 220E (firmware 1.5 - R2) from Sevenoaks. The first DVD I try, I'm getting "lock ups" or picture freezes in Pulp Fiction R2 all over the place. However, the disk played fine in the DVD drive on my laptop so I was reluctant to believe it was the disk.

However, just to check, I got Pulp Fiction out from Blockbuster and low-and-behold, it still locks up. I have only played one other DVD so far and that was fine.

Can anyone else verify this problem with Pulp Fiction (R2)? As an example, use Chapter 12, where Uma Thurman has overdosed. John Travolta drives her to this guys house and he and the guy prepare an injection for Uma. Just after the point where they draw a red dot on her chest, the picture "stutters" and then locks up completely. I have to press stop and restart the chapter!

On the disk I got from Blockbuster, again in Chapter 12, I can't even fast forward past the bit where John Travolta crashes his car into the front garden of the guys house (i.e. before they even enter the house). Again, it locks up and I can't skip back/forward.

Basically there seems to be no way of watching this disk!

fwiw, I've tried connecting to my TV via both RGB and normal SCARTs - not that I would expect this to make a difference.

If any of you have Pulp Fiction R2 and a Tosh 220, could you check this? I'd be very grateful. I guess I'll be taking the 220 back soon...:(

Many thanks in advance,


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Many thanks for the link but I've already searched and read the forum on this one. That thread covers layer changes and pre-firmware 1.5 bugs. This is not a layer change (its a complete freeze not a pause) so I think my problem is new as I have the latest firmware (1.5).

Anyone else able to verify?


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I agree with what your saying about the possible firmware bug. I think this is another disc like the matix which is causing issues for playback. Have you consulted Toshiba customer support? Thay now have a procedure set in place to deal with firmware issues. If the customer support cant help I'm sure they can try and put you through to someone who can.

I know that for confirmed faults i.e. ones on thier list, they are swapping players direct with end users. Only drawback is if you have a multi region player, then the one that you'll recieve will be region 2.



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I took the Tosh SD220E back to SevenOaks today together with my Pulp Fiction DVD. They tested it on another multi-region Tosh 220 and it gave exactly the same problem. So I took the refund they were offering.

Next stop John Lewis. They sell the non-multi-region (Region 2) version for the great price of 119.95. I got them to play the disk and it worked fine at the "freeze-up" point in Chapter 12. Very odd. I almost bought this R2 version there and then given the price (I had just got a refund to the tune of £167!) but they were out of stock.

So... I went to the local Richer Sounds and a surprisingly helpful assistant set up another 220 (apparently with a different multi-region mod to SevenOaks) and it froze up as well!!! At first it seemed to get over the lock-up and continued to play after a few seconds, but the second time I played it, it locked up completely. We tried the disk in a Limit DVD player and it was fine.

The guy in Richer Sounds reckoned it WAS a layer change issue and that the Toshibas are poor in this regard. I'm now stumped - I want the price/performance on offer in the Tosh and I would like multi-region, but I've been put off the brand by this experience. I'm now thinking of getting something, albeit more expensive, from Philips or Pioneer.

Anyway, at least I cleared it up that it is a problem with the Toshiba. Maybe they will issue a new firmware patch in the future to resolve this.

My tuppance worth
on the DVD front I have a Pioneer, and a number of my friends have Pioneers, they have noisy drives and it is very distracting,

it seems to be a trait, and to be Honest I dont think the Picture on my 530 is any where near the Quality that other makes output.

check out various players your self Phil, I have seen the Philips Q models and quite frankly it knocks spots off my pioneer, as does my 3 DVD Roms and dvd writer

Philip Newton

Is it the new special edition Pulp Fiction and if not does anyone know if it plays the new version or if it will play the region 1 new version


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Its not the new version (just an old R2 release). No idea about the new version sorry.

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