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I had an old Toshiba 210e. If I remember correctly, it has auto power off if the player is not used for a while. Do i remember correctly? However i am thinking about buying the newer 220e, and wondered if this also has this feature?


Could someone pls give me some guidance I have a tosh
widescreen 36ZP18Q and the tosh 220 DVD (1.5 firmware).
Connected via component video and coaxle

Query - If I put film disc in the DVD tht opening picture with menu fills screen but
when I press play to watch the film it goes to letter box leaving 2-3 inches
top and bottom, however if I play a normal 4.3 film it plays OK obviously only with
the 4.3 picture width showing as expected.

I have adjusted DVD to widescreen 16.9 as per handbook and TV is adjusted
to automatic format.

So far I have only watched 2 films lord of the rings and Harry potter, this has
happened with both of them. I adjusted my TV to fill screen to compensate but feel
that the picture is being distorted.

Is this normal or is something wrong:clown:


Hi Bowenjones
Thanks for your help so it seems this is normal.
All the best

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