toshiba 220 pic. problem


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I've just bought the tosh. 220 from dvdplayers.
It's multiregion with the latest firmware version 1.5.
On region 1 discs there are horizontal claw lines centre
left and right of the picture which are not there on pal discs.
I also noticed them on my last player, the samsung 709, but
there was a quasi pal setting which, when set to off, got rid
of the lines but at the expense of a slightly poorer picture.
What I would like to know is:
Is it a common fault,
Is there a setting on the tosh. that will get rid of the lines,
Or could it be my t.v. ( philips 32"9525 100htz ).

As I said, no problems with pal discs only ntsc.


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Getting a similar issue with my Toshiba 220 also. Only on Region 1s so far. RCE and everything plays fine but with a flicker on region 1 DVDs.
Great player ........but I myself am wanting answers also. Is it the TV maybe??

Havent tried another TV yet but will do soon.

I am using v1.4 firmware

Any advice anyone..........or is it a return to richersounds :)


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Both of these sound like TV problems I'm afraid.

The "horizontal claw" marks sound like moire caused by the 525 line Region 1 signal being displayed on a tube that is optimized for 625 line Region 2. The Quasi-Pal setting on the Samsung converted the 525 line signal into a 625 line one so wouldn't suffer from this (but it would suffer from slightly jerky movement caused by the 60 to 50Hz conversion).

Apparently it is caused by the structure of the shadow mask in the tube interacting with the signal. Some people have reported success with Panasonic tubes by defocusing the picture slightly. Some Philips sets use Panasonic tubes (try searching in this forum for various tales of people buying Philips TV's only to find Panasonic tubes).

I personally saw both the moire and flicker problems on a JVC WFT32 that I tried last Christmas before returning it and buying a Sony KD32DX40 that doesn't have either of these problems.

This was using an old but reliable Toshiba 2109 so your milage may vary...



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Thanks Ronnie,
I thought that it might be the tv as I noticed on my fathers
toshiba w/s tv that he had two different ntsc settings to
chose from in the settings menu.
I think that I will stick with my philips though as it is otherwise
a very good set with excellent picture.
It's weird though, as on some of my region 1 discs like the
T2 dvd, I don't notice the moire effect at all whereas on the ET
dvd you can notice it all the time during darker scenes.
Looks like I will be buying more region 2/4 titles from now on
which, compared to what it was like a couple of years back,
isn't such a bad thing I suppose.


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I had this exact same problem with my Hitachi WS tv and Tosh sd210 player, and it FRUSTRATED the hell out of me. I tried a number of different tvs with my player (mitsubishi, panasonic, hitachi, sanyo) but ALWAYS got that annoying "claw mark" effect on R1 discs.

However, I did notice that the problem was lesser with my older player (again, a tosh but the 110) so maybe the modification is also to blame?

It's also a relief to find other people who've endured this problem because every tech support helpline I rang claimed absolute ignorance, and the place I bought my player from (AV4U, who absolutely suck, by the way) knew exactly less than nothing, and claimed it was because I was playing Dreamworks discs which didn't "like" my player.

Can anyone suggest a way of getting around this problem without buying a new tv, which really isn't an option for me. I've just got rid of my sd210 player and was looking to buy a model which wouldn't suffer this problem, but by the sounds of it I won't have much luck.

thanks for any help,

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