Toshiba 220 and firmware version


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I recently bought a Toshiba SD 220 and realised that it came with Main Rom Version V1.3000.
I've read in this forum that this version has some known problems.
Does someone knows which are these problems ?



The problems with the v1.3 are mainly branching issues, sticking on titles like The Matrix.
You really need v1.5.
Toshiba itself will home exchange the machine to a v1.5 but if yours is multi region then they will only replace it with a region 2.
Richer Sounds palmed me off with a v1.3 initially,but replaced it no problem.
When and where did you get yours?


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Hi, thanks for your reply.

I'm from Portugal and I've bought mine here three days ago.
After reading some threads I realised that firmware 1.5 solved all the problem associated with 1.3. I just wanted to know which are the problems and test with my player to see if the problems are the same.
I've talked with someone from the shop where I've bought the player who talked with the dealer from Toshiba in Portugal and he said that never heard anything about these problems.

I'll rent Matrix to check if I have the same problems.

Do you think if I send a mail to Toshiba in UK, cause they said the players in Portugal come from Toshiba UK, they would tell me something about the problem ?



When I was given the v1.3,obviously it was late on a Saturday evening when 1 found out,and everything then shut for the weekend..first thing I did phoned Tosh customer services(0115 9766958, Monday - Friday 8.00-20.00, Saturday 8.00-18.00 and Sunday 10.00-16.00.) who said any Toshiba dealer could get the upgrade disc but would not send it to me directly.
I'd definately get it upgraded or replaced to the v1.5


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Does this player play VCD/SVCD both original and CDR types and whats it like with DVD-R's. I have heard the standard R2 version does not play any of these except maybe DVD-R but have been told the multi-region does. Can any one confirm this?

Cheers Mandlebrot

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