Toshiba 210E problem, help!



Hi guys, need a bit of advice/help for my 2 yrs old Toshiba DVD player SD210E. It stopped working awhile ago and I don't know what caused it to fail. Whenever it starts to play a DVD, it stops after 30-50 seconds. The motor keeps spinning up and down as if it's trying to scan a badly scratched disc. :confused:

When I load Private Ryan, the movie starts automatically but will freeze even before I can see the Ryans walking by the cemetery. All that I notice is the motor spinning up and down repeatedly, wait longer and the player will give up and asked me to check the disc. I've tried over a dozen DVD and they all freeze after 20-50 sec after loading (not reaching the point of Playing movie yet unless it plays automatically)

Is there any way to fix this? Any help is appreciated. :lease:



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I have a tosh 210e as a sapre dvd player and have not experienced these problems myself.

I would suggest time for an upgrade, no point spending money getting it repaired.

I have not heard of this before, not a lot of help really am I ?

Reapairing it won't be cost effective considering it's value now.


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Sounds like the disc mechanism is knackered. Be easier and cheaper to buy a new player. You can pick up the newer Toshibas quite cheaply now. Something like a 330E or 530E. :)


Shame mate I've had my 210 for coming upto must be 4yrs now (well since it came out anyway) and its performed impeccably from day 1, now resigned to bedroom duty but hey ho, its outlived a couple other players a 330 included and continues to do so, a superb machine and always will be, if you can find another (I remember RS selling them off cheap last year) I'd get another, saying that any cheap Chinese Jobbie costing under £40 is likely to show it a clean pair of heals :blush: thats progress for you :D
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