Tosh ZP48 auto switching ??

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Hi all,
I wasn’t sure whether to post this in the CRT bit,,, or DVD/PVR bit, so I did both. Hope this is o.k.
Through reading these pages I bought a Toshiba 36ZP48 TV,,, & have been totally blown away by it.
After more advice from here, I bought a Topfield 5800. Again, one of my better moves.
(I also have a Panny E55 connected etc).
Which brings me on to this post. I get a slightly niggling thing,,, in that If I am watching one channel, when some of the other kit kicks in, the TV switches to the new signal (usually just as the murderer is being revealed !)
If I am too quick to ‘switch’ back, it switches again.
I thought that I’d seen a post on the Toppy forum about this, but after asking - it seems not. I thought I was stuck with it, until today when someone says that ‘some’ TV’s allow you to turn this feature off.
As you know, this Tosh has 5 inputs, so I am hoping that this might have been anticipated by them at design stage & sorted.
Either way, does anyone know how I can stop this life threatening menace please ? I don’t want to go to the extreme of disabling pin-8 etc.

Thanks for reading this


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Since you've got a reply to your other post, and cross-posting isn't permitted, I'm closing this.
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