Tosh **ZD26 trails?


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Dec 12, 2003
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second Tosh 32ZD26 now. geometry much better on this one.... but another problem seems more apparent.

when a light source moves onto a dark area a green trail is left. I’m assuming this is bad. it was on the first set but seems to be worse on this new one.

let put it this way, Pirates of the Caribbean. right at the start just before the title, the ash gold stuff falling into the screen. after each one there is about a 10cm green trail, and the trail lasts for about a second. quite long really. it shouldn’t be there either as when I pause the film the trails disappear. In bright films its unnoticeable but with dark films its very apparent. should I ask for a new set??

also this second set Digital Direct sent had no instructions and it seemed to have been previously opened. I am just curious, but is it possibly second hand? repaired? or just new with the instructions removed?? I paid for a new set therefore I should receive a new set?

anyway and help would be marvellous.
Hi....sorry to hear your having probs...I've just taken delivery of the 28 version, the only slight prob I have is convergence on left side but not worth bothering about...hope it stays that way.

Are you watching in one of the 100Hz modes or the progress mode? (daft question I know, but you never know);)
Hi all

Iv had a 28zd26p for a while now and have noticed that the picture wobbles about around the edges of the screen when the picture changes. I cant be cured via the service menu because the bending is different every time.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I have just purchased the 28" version and have read some extremely positive views about this set. It definetly had the best picture of all the tv's in store..... Maybe you have a faulty set, I would ask to receive a brand new one that hasn't being opened.

Does anyone know if the buzzing has been sorted on these sets yet?

James :)
my friend has just purchased the 32zt26. the same as mine but with surround sound. it too has slight trails. maybe its a 'feature' with these sets. but still i think mine is particualy bad so ill try getting a replacement.

oh and its in prog scan mode. but i have tried the other modes too.
Ive got a model down without prog scan and this happens on mine to. I think it must be a fault.
Its a ashame im gonna have to get a replacement as this is the ONLY thing that wrong with set. It has near perfect geometry, no buzz and no trails.

I bet the replacement has other faults. After having 4 crt teles in the last 6 months if the next one goes wrong im gonna get me a cheap plasma or RPTV.

My PC monitor is a 22" Mitsubishi and that has perfect geometry and 0 picture faults. Surely they can do the same for tvs.
i believe i read somewhere that it could be a result of 'slow phospurs' (?) in the screen.
damn it i want fast phosphurous! :laugh:

well well after saying that i only had one problem with the set i turned it on today and the damn thing popped and turned itself off!! Now it wont come on at all!

4 sets in as many months.:mad:
ouch indeed! A replament is being sent to me in a couple of days. If the replacement is not perfect (or as perfect as crt tech can be) then its going straight back and im never buying a crt based tv again.

bummer really cuz its gonna take ages to save up for a plasma.:(
just a thought, but do you have a DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) setting??? If so, ensure this is set as low as possible or OFF, as having this set too high can cause smearing... although I think there is a problem with 'green' smearing on some Tosh sets... and 10cm sounds v.excessive.. as for the opened set, I'd bet its a return from another unhappy customer !!!! demand an unopened one!!

If not, just keep complaining till you get a good one, or perhaps try another model... its usually down to model design, so one model may have it, another may not...
All 3 of my 32ZD26P's had terrible green smearing. The PF2 i demo'd also had it.
yeah DNR is off. there has to be a fix for it. why green too?

i think i could live with the trails on my first set, they werent the issue, the big rainbow was :laugh:
but yeah... i think this set has it bad.


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