Tosh XS34SB and Auto Scart box

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    Freeview to XS34 AV2.
    XS34 AV1 to Auto scart box socket 1.

    Sky Digibox to Auto scart box socket 2.

    Auto scart box output to TV Scart.

    I know the Sky takes control of the scart to automatically show sky on the TV when SKY is turned on
    When I turn Sky off, the freeview via the XS34 does display
    if I leave sky off, turn of the XS34SB and then switch the TV back to analogue ch1, when I switch the XS34SB back on again the TV does not go back into AV mode.

    It also does not go back into AV mode if I connect XS34SB scart AV1 direct to TV!

    Anyone know it the XS34SB has the ability to control the TV (via pin 8 of the scart I think)?

    Thank you.

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