Tosh XS34, Telewest and RedRemote - Kind of long and confusing

Discussion in 'Cable TV & Virgin Media TV' started by typod, Jun 27, 2005.

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    I have the Tosh XS 34 with a Telewest cable STB. I managed to find the correct brand code to make the IR transmitter on the tosh control the Telewest STB (1540) but it does it really badly, hopping around all over the place when I try and go up or down the channels.

    To fix this I bought a RedRemote (, but I am now having a different issue. This might get a little mixed up, but I will try and be clear.

    I have followed the instructions at, but they tell me to set my STB brand to 0327, but my box does not accept the IR with that brand code. If I substitute 1540 for the brand I am able to continue.

    I have set the RedRemote to XS32 compability mode, to get over my original problem, and I can see the correct number of flashed on the RedRemote indicating that it is storing then transmitting the channel information to my STB, however I only get those flashes when my STB brand is set to 0327, which does not work with my STB. When I set the brand to 1540 I do not get the correct sequence of flashes. So will the RedRemote only work in XS32 mode when I have the STB brand set to 0327 or should it work with any setting?

    Any ideas please as its driving me nuts.
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    I just bought the XS34 today and have it hooked up to my Telewest Active Digital box (Pace) and channel changing is flawless, straight out of the box. I'm using brand code 0042.

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