Tosh XS34 & RAM disks, why?



Hi folks, i have just got a tosh rdxs34 & i'm sure in a couple of months when i've read the manuals a couple of times I'll have it all sussed, i've never seen such a huge manual, it's like a novel!
Anyway my question is simple, is there any advantage to using DVD-RAM disks with it?

As i understood it the cheaper non HDD machines used these as a Ram disks for timeslip recording etc, but as this has a hard drive are ram disks much use? Just thought i'd ask before going out & buying some if i'll never use them.



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I have the Panasonic E85 which has a hard drive as well and I do use RAM discs quite a lot. I record a lot of Rally coverage for example and so can fit a couple of rallies onto 1 RAM disc, or I may record music vids from VH1 or MTV and edit out the few that I like and build up a "Best Of" RAM disc with various tracks on. Doing it with RAM discs mean that I don't have to dub to DVD in one go, they can be added to as I get more stuff to put on it. I never really feel safe taking a DVD-R out of the recorder before finalising it to be honest !
Also, if I get fed up with parts of the recording on the disc I can just erase them and use that part of the disc again, whereas with -R you are stuck with it forever and often end up skipping over large chunks.


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Everything you've said JohnG can be done on the HDD. This still begs the question why use RAM? One advantage I think is that it is easier to do high speed dubs to and from RAM discs than -R/RW. Also I believe that RAM discs are much more durable than -R/RW and are therefore recommended for recordings, like home videos, that you may want to keep for several years.


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I meant to say that all those points were for the long term storage as well, I wouldn't like to keep valuable recordings on the hard drive for too long to be honest as you never know ! So I put a lot of stuff onto RAM as they are in effect small hard drives and fully editable as well as being reliable.

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