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Tosh XS34 - High Rate Save



I have a small problem, maybe a misunderstanding, with this option. It seems that's available only with a programmed recording, as I tried to make an 'one touch recording' and when I searched through 'Quick Menu' didn't find it. (yes, the recorder was in 9.2Mb/s). Can the owners of the Tosh confirm it?
I have a timer recording made with High Rate Save mode. This fits nicely on one DVD. But I must make a Rate Conversion Dubbing to reencode MPEG avoiding problems with chapters (parts of commercials reappearing).
How can I do that while retaining maximum of quality? The higher bitrate I could achieve with one DVD is 7.2 Mb/s. It's possible to make a Rate Conv. Dubbing with High Rate Save? Or my thoughts are wrong and the only thing is a 7.2 Mb/s conversion?
Thank you.


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I think you are right - this "High Rate Save" (use 9.2 Mbps for recording and reduce the rate temporarily for the portion where the high rate is not required where picture is fairly constant) is only an option for timer recordings.

I'm not sure why you need to do a rate conversion dub? Couldn't you re-edit your chapter points to fix the issue and then do a high speed dub? Did you do the chapter editing in GOP mode?



To be honest, I didn't edit in GOP mode. But I remember trying that with other movies and the result is fairly the same, i.e. unwanted pictures reappearing. This because the TV channels from which I usually record make 'side-to-side' commercials, without black frames. One frame earlier, the program; one frame after, the commercial (and vice-versa). This is a very annoying situation, but these channels often broadcast interesting things, and are on sat (DVB) so (almost) hi-q.
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