Tosh XS32 - Image "drops" when playing back on another player

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    Hello everybody,
    When I read a DVD-R made by my Tosh (SP mode) on my Toshiba SD100E, I get kinds of "drops": I can see white or colored squares mainly on the right part of the picture. This really looks like a coding problem. Sometimes, a whole line would be too low on the screen.
    This is not visible when I play back on the Tosh XS32 itself. My SD100E plays all my pressed DVD's and PC burnt DVD's without a problem.
    I tried a second brand of DVD-R and the problem is the same and it happens on the same images. This would indicate the problem stays on the original record on the HDD.
    I think the SD100E has a less powerful error correction system but I'm annoyed that these errors exist.

    Any opinion, suggestions or experience?

    Thank you

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