Tosh XF355D or Sony 40x 3000u


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Jan 9, 2008
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:lease:I have been reading many reviews and opinions about LCD and Plasma's over the last few weeks but I am stuck trying to make a choice between the above 2 TV's. I do watch a lot of Standard Def over freeview but hope to get sky HD one day. Which screen do people think is best?
Well,I think tosh is a great surprise this year as XF355 is a very good model.But the sony is currently the best lcd on the market
Actually I meant to say the 40W3000 not X3000 as that is a lot lot nore than the Tosh
My opinion doesnt change much W3000 is also better than Tosh
Mmm, I would wait for the Z series Tosh.... the XF is a frame thing only.... The Sony is way ahead with other specs. The ZF frame is the same as the XF but has a lot more speccs on par with the Sony.... So if you want the X series then Sony wins, But if you can wait for the ZF then for looks and Speccs then TOSH wins. (Well they will be level on specss only)
Wouldnt buy XF. The ZF looks very good though. See review on

Gets very good rating and referenz reward.

See... Hardware - Flachbildschirme - Flachbildschirme/TV-Geräte - Toshiba Full HD-LCD-TV 46ZF355D
ZF out of your budget?

Tosh 42Z3030DB is the way to go
I'm guessing the Z will be out of my budget, any idea what the price is likely to be and when it will be released? I have in mind the sony 40w3000 which for £1200 looks quite good value. Most of my viewing will be standard Def although hope for a sky HD one day. So ultimatley whats the best TV for £1200?
Philips 42PFL9632D perhaps?

Has 1080p/24fps support, which W3000 doesn't.
Have been told on here that the 40ZF may come in at £1100 and be out in Feb. Not official but very possible
I like philips and have a crt at the moment, not sure I like the ambilight function though and the speakers apear a bit weak. from other posts it sounds like the w3000 is still better than the tosh z series. As the xf is £999 I'd be surpised if the z came in at only £1100!

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