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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by steve k, Jan 18, 2002.

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    Well I'v recived a replacement 36zp18 from Comet and this set is worse than the last one I had.

    There is a noise coming from the back of the telly also when watching sky and the banners come up the writing looks blurred also the picture. Have gone into the service menue and changed some of the setting:
    BS2 - 00H
    2BS2 - 00H
    3BS3 - C4H
    WBS2 - 00H
    NBS2 - 00H
    BS2 - 07H
    2BS2 - 07H
    3BS2 - C7H
    WBS2 - 07H
    NBS2 - 07H

    Are there any more Setting that need to be changed to get my picture sharper have tried sharpening the image in the ordenary menue modes but these do not help.
    Any advice welcome.

    Thanks Steve ;)
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    The noise from the TV is only variations in Beam Current. The tube is driven at different levels during scene changes. It's all about tube type and size. The Design Mode parameters that you have been tinkering with are nothing to do with picture sharpness at all... they are to do with beam current!! Shot, foot and self come to mind. Also, an engineer 'in the know' might void the warrenty on this one if he noticed these wild variations from his service manual!!

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