Tosh SD330 - Rubbish at playing MP3/WMA?


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Hi All

I've had my SD330E for getting on for a year now and am very happy with it for playing DVDs and audio CDs (I know, not HiFi, but I'm on a student budget here), but one of the main reasons I chose it was for its WMA audio file playing 'ability'. I store all my music on my computer and burn CD-Rs full with around 30 albums for playing on random in the car (Panasonic MP3/WMA headunit) fine. I'd like to be able to use the DVD player to do the same, but it's SO slow. Even playing the files sequentially, it will take at least a minute to realise what's on the CD and attempt to play the first track. Then scrolling through the folders takes ages and needs the TV to be on to be feasable. Also after 10 or so songs the player seems to need to 'buffer' which takes a further minute or so. As for random playing, it's a complete waste of time. Whenever it has actually worked I get more time with a "Please Wait" message than anything actually playing, and often it will never play at all.

Is this normal behaviour for the SD330? Are any other players any better? Surely it can't be that difficult a thing to achieve. Admittedly if I mix MP3 and WMA files up on the CDs my car headunit takes a while to load up initally, but it still copes. Why can't the Tosh DVD player cope with even the single type of files (it actually seems no better or worse when there is a mix of MP3 and WMA on its cds).

Any ideas of something clever I can do to improve things?


Jamp :)


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The dvd drive in the Toshiba is a painfully slow 2x mechanism I believe. Even dvd picture search breaks up into frames beyond 2x if I remember rightly when I had mine. Its not that the electronics themselves are slow I don't think, just the huge bottleneck that this slow dvd drive causes. If you want a lightning fast player that plays mp3s and wma files super fast and you can even scan through the files at upto 32x then get a AMW P80L. Its available for £35-40 plus postage and is jam packed with features except it lacks sadly RGB scart output.

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