Tosh SD220e RCE mod?


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I bought my 220E over a year ago and its been great. It was supposed to be multi-region but when I eventually got round to trying a R1 DVD, it wouldn't play it. No problems though, I downloaded the multi-region hack from and it was fine.

It still won't play RCE discs though. Is there any way of getting it chipped to play RCE as I don't want to get rid of a perfectly good player. With more RCE discs appearing, I am reluctant to buy R1 discs these days in case it turns out to be RCE.



toshiba players can't (AFAIK) be modified to play RCE but:
If you put the disc in and wait for world map
Then push "Title","0","1" and it should take you into the film.
This however only lets you watch extras by finding their title number.
(Sometimes the film isn't on Title 01)


Or use ur pc and map the correct numbers and titles for each extra and film and you can use ur buttons on the dvd player and access each feature and watch them on your television, time consuming but worthwhile.

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