TOSH SD220 E- Can't bear to part with it !


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Had the tosh for years and it's never let me down - its multi region and, now that I have an HDTV, have reviewed my DVD colection. My TV displays my collection in a much better light than my old CRT even though I know its not upscaled as its being fed a scart signal.

I have today noticed that this DVD player has component out and wondered if its worth buying new leads and dumping scart - am I likely to see an even bigger improvement in the picture?

I plan to get a PS3 in the future so not really keen on buying a new DVD player in the meantime esp as the Sony will upscale my collection anyway


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Hi - yes component should give a better picture - its worth the few quid a set of leads will cost to try it.

I have a Tosh DVD recorder. I have to adjust (increase) the sharpness/colour/contrast settings but overall component is far superior to scart.

Shame your player doesn't have progressive scan.

See FAQs in this forum for a full explanation of why component is better.


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If you have a spare set of audio plus composite video leads with phono plugs you could try it with these. The results this way on my bedroom TV with a Tosiba 330E have been so good that I haven't bothered to buy proper component leads.
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