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    I, for the life of me, CANNOT get any kind of watchable ntsc picture from my chipped tosh sd210: composite is just horrible and s-video and rgb have contrasty lines that shear from any vivid light or colour source. All viewing modes are fine when watching Pal discs.

    My tv is a Hitachi C32WF535N but I've tried the player on my old panasonic and my mate's mitsubishi as well: all 3 tvs claim ntsc compatability but I get the exact same problem on each.

    Is there a fault with the ntsc output on my player that I can remedy, or do I need to buy an ntsc convertor? if so, can anyone recommend one (sub£100)? Will I be able to get s-video or rgb output from a convertor?

    Kind suggestions please, because I have quite a lot of R1 discs that worked fine on my old chipped tosh sd100 (though I think that was outputting a converted Pal60 signal instead of ntsc, which is why my tv worked with it). :confused:

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