Tosh RPTV... Focus problem ??



Ok here's the story.. I was getting P*$$ed off with a blue blur arround all my text so i get a replacement 42PW33P...

Anyway the bloke came out and said ok ill get you a new one...

So its just got here today, didnt get to look at it untill i got homefrom work. After messing arround with the convergance menu and getting it setup up im left with this blue blur again !!


Keep in mind that this TV just got here..

Is this normal or have a got a focus problem ?? What should i do


Wont that invalidate the guarantee ??

And should i need to be doing that with a TV less than a day old ??

Thanx :boring:


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Well its up to you. I have a similar prob, the picture is not horizontally straight, and therefore its out of focus on the sides. Id rather rectify it via the service menu, rather than sending it back to the manufacturer and getting another one.

I think you are meant to leave it for a week or two before doing it.


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I have the same prob with my 51wh36 need to do the focus on it, was like that since i got it, have converged it and gone into the service menu, not done it all properly yet, been saying i will for a while but havent :) anyway, its definatly a focus prob, not a convergence one. As the blue is out on both sides of the cross, and from what i have read it will be like that when focused too as the blue is harder to get as sharp as the red and green, but you should be able to get it better than it is. is that focus prob only on the left side (thats what it is for me) the right is almost perfect for me with the blue, its just the red, ever so slightly is out of focus that side. Thats what led me to believe it is focus as it looks like it has been focused correctly for the right side of the screen instead of the center.


Yeah bond...

With mine its all blured to one side... ill get the guy out and call him a PUNK !!

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