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Jason S

I've got a Tosh 28W8DB, which supports NTSC (in pure and adulterated forms). And, due to a lack of RGB Scart sockets and reading that S-Vid is better than RGB on Toshibas I connected up my DVD player (Toshiba SD220) via S-Video (Hard S-Vid selected output & set to auto detect NTSC).

Now, whilst playing a PAL disc displays and immaculate image which does appear cleaner than RGB, on playing an R1 disc and outputting NTSC, it all goes a bit purple. Picture's still sharp, but the colours all off.

The players gone off back to the supplier to be checked out and for a firmware update, but I've got a feeling it's the TV. I've tried different cables so confident it's not that.

So where do I look first when the player gets back as I've got to wait another few months for a plasma....

And if anyone knows how to hard set AV1 to RGB, please let me know so I can use the component switching on my receiver (RVX 630RDS)




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I have the non-prologic version of your TV.

If you input an RGB signal, AV1 will display it. Its not like AV2 where you have to tell it that you will be inputting s-video.

Never had any problems with s-video in AV2. I think the RGB and s-video are equal in this set.

Jason S


My main problem is with the colour of NTSC via SVideo (If I remember correctly it was the same for composite on NTSC)

I know about the auto switching, but that's based on a fast blanking signal being recieved on pin 16. I was hoping to be able to hard set the input so I don't need to canibalise a Scart to force a fast blanking signal to hold it on.

The reason for this is that the only component I've got that uses composite is a VCR, (hardly used and I'll either replace with a Tivo (or similar) or a DVD-R, just want to avoid buying a "betamax") and I want to use the component switching option on the amp to switch RGB via the YUV terminals and SYNC via the composite, but I can only do this if I can hard set RGB. Then feed the composite via AV2 or 3

Since I have a techno challenged wife, and if things get a bit more complex than one button on the remote to make Emerdale appear barriers appear for the new kit.

I've already had to create a modded cable for Pin8 always on, so may need to do the same for Pin 16, but if I can avoid it I'd like to.


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I've got the same TV as you so I can give you my setup to see if it helps.

EXT1 : Telewest Digibox on RGB
EXT2 : Video (at this can also output signals)
EXT3 : DVD (S-Video).

You need to remember to set the EXT channel (2 & 3) to S-video if that is what you are using in the setup menu.

Colour selection is set to AUTO

The Front AV terminals are linked to the back so can cause problems if you have devices in both that are switched on.

Are you using an SVid-to-SVid cable or a Scart-to-Scart ?.

Have you set the player up to S-video output ??

Hope this helps.


PS - If you've already checked these my next post will inform you how to suck eggs :D

Jason S

I've tried

AV2/AV3 both hardset to S-Video
Colour set to Auto (although setting to either NTSC option still doesn't resolve it)

Cables tried


S-video - s-video (AV3)
s-video - Scart (AV2/AV3)

PAL (R2 discs) & RGB (R1 & R2) are as perfect as can be on this TV.

I think I need to get into the engineer / designer menu to modify the settings for NTSC, but....

1. I don't know which settings to change
2. err can't think of a 2.

No worries about sucking eggs, had I missed soemthing I'd be cursing myself



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I had to have my tube replaced last month as all colour went purple (tube stopped firing green, PAL. NTSC everything... not pretty)

I'm just wondering if some ciruitry or something for NTSC colours may have failed as you only seem to have it on NTSC.

Hope you have an extended warranty as a new a new tube costs about £350 according to the engineer, fortunatly I did. Picture must have been going gradually for a while as the PQ is suberb now and the geometry is spot on.

Cracking TV's for the money.

Jason S

agreed about the quality for the price, I think I'm going to have to get an engineer out to investigate its color issue.

Had the TV about 3 years and this is the first problem, and is soon to be relegated to the spare room, but I'd still like to have fixed it before hand.



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Originally posted by Jason S
Now, whilst playing a PAL disc displays and immaculate image which does appear cleaner than RGB, on playing an R1 disc and outputting NTSC, it all goes a bit purple. Picture's still sharp, but the colours all off.


When in NTSC mode, an extra adjustment menu should appear on your TV named either Tint or Hue. This adjustment will give a picture ranging from purple at one end to green at the other.

Somewhere in the middle should be the colour you are looking for.




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Worth a try, although I always have Tint on my 'Picture' menu regardless of which colour system I'm in.

Havn't checked to see if another comes in on pure NTSC mode. this would probably explain why it only happens on S-Video or composite etc.

Good luck !!

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