Tosh HDMI connection


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Had the Tosh for about 5 days now after sending my RD 50 back.
Im using a Pioneer 575 and the pictures are stunning.
I would llike to connect my PC through a DVI to HDMI lead.
Im trying to use powerstrip to put out a 1280 * 720 60hz pic but cant seem to.
What is the highest poss res thru HDMI ?
Graphics card is a nvidia 5200


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hello gid,

sorry cant help you there, but can you give me some insight into the tosh? im looking for a new tv, and am swinging towards dlp rear pro, as plasmas are a minefield!!

how is the picture quality from sky and dvd? compared to crt or plasma?


I have a problem with using PC DVI and Tosh.

Please have a look at my post and tell me if you have same problem.

Btw, you need to use 60Hz with DVI. Also 1280x720 is overscanned and if you choose underscan option (mine is nVidia 6600), the resolution is automatically set to 11xx * 66x. which means you never get true 1280x720 with HDMI.
PC mode @ [email protected] is what I am using now, it works perfect.


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pic quality varies from bad (BBC1 & 2) to acceptable (CH4) through a telewest box. Seems to be the norm with Plasma/dlps when fed with poor source signals.

Glad I got a DLP, just got to figure how to get a 1280 * 720 signal through the HDMI connection.


GID said:
Glad I got a DLP, just got to figure how to get a 1280 * 720 signal through the HDMI connection.

Unfortunately it it impossible to get the native DLP res with a PC on the Tosh from what I understand, :( key reason why I'm not buying it ...


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YOu should be able to get 1280*720 via HDMI, but it will not be 1:1 pixel mapped..

I've mentioned why this is in another thread, and it isn't necessarily a bad thing..
(Basically in general, playing 720P video material via DVI on a 1:1 mapped pixel set will not look as good as playing 720P video material via DVI on the Toshiba, all other things being equal)..
However if you want to view 'text' only, i.e. use the TV as a monitor for surfing the web, then the reverse is true, and why Tosh provide the VGA input, which although technically not quite as good, is still excellent..

The secret to getting the TV to accept DVI->HDMI will be in the 'timings' used by the DVI port, this is set up on the Toshiba for DVD players etc, but people using the American versions of the set have had some luck using the following on an ATI Radeon series board, using powerstrip.

Here is the sync info that might help you use powerstrip for your radeon

pixel clock 74.16Mhz
Res 1177x662

front porch 5
back porch 78
sync +
sync width 25
refresh 60.0
active lines = 662
front porch 112
back porch 320
sync +
sync width 40
active pix 1176
scan rate 45khz

The long and the short of it is
1. You should be able to connect a PC via HDMI if you get the settings right, but it only really benefits video, text etc will no doubt look slightly fuzzy..
2. The VGA connection is much easier to use, and does give (from peoples usage on here) excellent results for general PC Usage...

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