Tosh HD DVD - Multiregion Standard DVD playback yet?


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Right. Now they look like they're finally out, and people will soon be getting them, anyone heard about enabling multiregion playback of normal DVD on the Tosh HD DVD players?

From a previous thread from a guy who went to a Toshiba Demo night, the rep pretty much said that "officially" no handset hack or anything will allow it, but that a disk enabling this feature might mysteriously appear and no doubt make its way onto sites, though it would definitely not be from any official source - nudge, nudge, wink, wink kind of thing...

Well, as the players are finally out, has anyone heard or seen anything about this happening?

I have about 50:50 split of R1 & R2 DVD and want to use a new HD DVD player to replace my current DVD, and not have to have 2 separate machines under my TV.

I have an XE1 on preorder, which I did based on the thread mentioned above, but if it won't be possible, not sure I'll keep the preorder and will wait until this issue becomes clearer.


I'd certainly be keen on getting this as I've ordered my E1 from Toshiba and am expecting it to arrive any day now (I hope).

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