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Tosh gone for repair

Discussion in 'TVs' started by bazzae123, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. bazzae123

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    Mar 10, 2002
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    My Tosh 32ZD08B has finally gone for repair. Its had a intermittent audio fault from new but the Tube has now gone, well according to the engineer, as it has a very reddish tinge to it. I wrote a letter to Toshiba complaining about it as the set is only two years old and I thought this was a bit young for a Tube to go. Anyway, Toshiba said there would not replace the set but would supply a new tube free of charge as long as I paid for the fitting. Luckily the TV is under a warranty from the credit card company I used to pay for it. If you used a certain credit card you can register for a free extended warranty. Very useful. Well, I just hope the service centre can replace the tube and get it back to how it should be. Some how I don't think its going to be that simple.

    Has anybody had a new tube fitted without any problems?


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