Tosh EP30 - Sudden Loss of Sound Through Amp


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This has got me completely stumped.
Tosh HDDVD, Oppo BR fed into an Onkyo 875 to a Panny PJ. Also have Sky connected in via a Neet switching box which will also feed a Panny TV,

All has been working perfectly until I tried playing a couple of HDs recently.
I get a picture on the PJ, but no sound - the amp shows the channel I've switched to (Aux 1) but also says "no signal". So the picture is going through, but no sound.

I've tried changing to all of the other HDMI inputs on the amp, and the situation is exactly the same. The Oppo works as normal.

I've connected the Tosh top the TV directly and lo and behold, sound as it should be. Connect back to the amp, and no sound. Tried changing the HDMI cable but no diffrenence.

The other thing, which may or may not be relevant, is that the display on the Tosh shows 1080i, as opposed to 1080p, which the back of the HD disks say the recording is in.

I have changed absolutely nothing, no upgrades or anything, so any suggestions would be most welcome:confused:

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