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Hi well my JVC DR-M1 has died after a short period and I don’t want another one of them possibly unreliable machines. I am considering the tosh dr1 as it to is progressive I wanted to know if the tosh will deinterlace a live broadcast as you watch it as the jvc does and also I purchased 10 arita rw discs which worked in the jvc will they work in the tosh?


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My Tosh DR1 does indeed de-interlace through AV2. I've tried with Sky+ and terrestrial.

As for the Arita -RWs I bought 10 purple ones from Blankdisc shop and couldn't get them to format. They all failed at 37%. I sent them back for a refund and now use TDK -RW and they're fantastic. I also use Datawrite 4X Yellow and have had no coasters yet. :smashin: I've heard others have problems with the Arita discs in various makes of recorder.


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