Tosh DR1 or JVC DR M1 ?

Hi all,

As the thread says which would you choose and why,
Thanks for looking,


JVC. Can't fault it yet. There's been a lot of problems reported, but touch wood nothing happened to mine yet. The fan is a little worrying as it is on 24/7. Brought mine from Richer Sounds for £300 + £30 for 3 yrs warranty so not too worried if it breaks.

DVD-RAM is great. Wipes the floor clean against DVD+RW and DVD-RW (there is -RW compatiblility is you want to lend last night's soap to freinds). Unless you want to save hours and hours of TV then there is no need to go for a HDD DVD recorder.

RGB input would have been nice, but for £300 you can't argue, and it's got progressive scan output (can't comment on that as my TV is only s-video), but santa may bring me a LCD/palsma next Xmas.

DVD playback is excellent, focus a little soft, but colour depeth is excellent, and sound is super with co-axial output. My receiver's optical input is taken up by the Xbox.


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Check this thread about the DR1. It's very informative with most posts from owners.

It's a good machine :smashin:

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Yes the Tosh is a good machine... it took me a while to get used to the various menu's etc

but the recordings are really good quality... my only minor gripe is the remote, the layout is fine but the flap is rather annoying as it has some features that are under it... and my big hands keep pulling the bloody thing off

but other than that... it does what it says on the can

one thing I like about the Tosh --- it lets you set the bit rate manually...and it shows how many minutes will fit on the discs
which is good for archiving old videos etc

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