Tosh disappointment

Artie Fufkin

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I'm so disappointed.

After so much advice from here I plumped for the Tosh XS-32. It has been great so far - no interference problems, not noisy and, actually rather easy to use and certainly powerfull. I love it, or I did until today.

But a friend just came round with a DVD+RW and it won't play.
My son's X-Box plays it, as does my lappy, but my £350 Tosh doesn't. I suspect that a £29 Chinese player from Asda would play it too.

I've tried cleaning the disc and reinserting it, but no luck.

The disc is a white bulkpac "generation 4".

Is this a particular Tosh fault?


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I have found the tosh very sensitive.
A dvd-r with very minor marks on it will just not play.
I have a couple of £30 dvd region free players from Amazon
in the kids rooms that will play absolutely anything.
I am thinking of just having another dvd for playing
dvd's in the livingroom (half way thru a movie and it stops you just want to toss it out the window)


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But a friend just came round with a DVD+RW and it won't play.
Toshiba have blocked DVD+RW on many of their machines - the RDXS32 included. To be fair DVD+RW isn't an official DVD format so their is no obligation to support it's playback. However in this multi-format day and age it's not really on.


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Sorry you didn’t see any of the threads on this – it isn’t a “fault”, it is per design, though I agree it seems silly, they are purposely blocking +R/+RW for “political” reasons. You will notice the manual does not list +R or +RW as supported.

It will only read + discs which have been recorded with a booktype of DVD-ROM, so they don’t look like + discs to the XS32.


Artie Fufkin

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Raz and Red thanks for the prompt and clear answers.

Yes, as you say, not allowing "+" playback seems a strange if not childish decision to make.

Well, at least I know it's not a faulty machine. Thanks.

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