Tosh ax1 trying via hdmi adapter with infocus pj..results !


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Did a little experiment last night as i am thinking of getting a Hdmi cable,i am using a 10m Mark grant component at the moment.
I baught a £10 infocus M1 to hdmi adapter and had a lend of a 2m bog standard hdmi cable,no sound was teted as i don't have a 10m dig coax lead.
Basically i moved Tosh under projector linked it in via hdmi and tested it via standard dvd [r1] and hd dvd.I didn't really expect it to work as the adapter didn't look official although it was advertised as such :eek:
First standard dvd
I loaded Matrix..waited..then the dreaded HDMI error 1..arggg.I then put serenity hddvd in..Worked at both 720p and 1080i.
Next casino royale standard dvd [korean].....Worked both with 720p and 1080i
..strange :confused:
Tried gladiator [r1]..hdmi error 1, i cleaned disc and worked so did the fifth element.Then brotherhood of the wolf...failed hdmi error 1.
After this i have to note that it is a combination of menus and dirty discs causing problems with hdmi.Some standard dvd started to try and play then the error could be seen on Tosh screen eg/ 000.000_ _ _ Then i got the hdmi error 1 message.
Anyone else found this problem..i don't want to get a 10m cable if hdmi is nothing but bother.Picture quality is on a par with component unless a good quality hdmi cable is better then i doubt i will get one unless hd dvd start to become unplayable via component.


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I am using a HDMI - DVI cable and I got the error message all the time. I did the firmware 2.0 upgrade and now it does work, mostly.

I was going to stick with component, but am using that input for my blu-ray player, which wont work at all with the HDMI-DVI :confused: and I dont want to be swapping them over all the time.

I know I could use component for both, through my amp, but I understand this can degrade the image.

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