Tosh 52WM48P 52" vs Samsung SP50L7HX 50"



Hi Can people please advise on what would be better:

Toshiba 52WM48P 52" £2000
Samsung SP50L7HX 50" £2750

I know both have had great reviews on the various magazines. The sources (for now) will be Sky digital, DVD player, an XBOX (RGB SCART) and a VCR.

I saw the Samsung in Curry's and was blown away. I've not seen the Tosh, but saw the review on the smaller 46", which is the same TV.

Would appreciate any information to help me make a decision. Would like to purchase tomorrow.

Also, is it worth saving money (could be several hundred) by buying "open box"? On any of these two sets? What's peoples thoughts on this.



It might be worth looking at the thread

Sam SP46L3XH vs Tosh 462M48

to get an idea...


I've noticed the open box offer on, which gives a saving of about £350. This is very interesting, since I'm about 90% sure that these will be screens returned due to the "screen smear" issue. This is a problem that apparently affects all of the screens, so the only fault with the open box will probably also exist in a brand new screen. That said I don't know how this affects your warranty, ability to make a return etc. Personally I think £2750 is good enough value.


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mightybyte, I don't think its that relevant to compare the Sam SP46L3XH vs Tosh 462M48.. since the Sam SP46L3 uses the HD3 chipset..

As for comparing, its hard to scientifically point at anything, they use similar technology, the Sammy has a 7 Segment wheel, the Toshiba 6, but the merits of both are minor...

I would suggest going over to , in the US, the Samsung is known as the 'Kirk' and the Toshiba is the 52HMX84.. (minor Input differences, same 'engines')

basically, they are very similar, with about the same number of people saying they prefer on over the other..

Notable differences
1. The sammy pedastal is fixed, so no AV kit under it
2. The Tosh HDMI input won't allow 1:1 pixel mapping via a PC (although this makes HD Video from a PC better, the VGA input is better for 'surfing the web' purposes
3. The Samsung has the smear issue, if you will be affected by it.. (I see this as a minor annoyance, but worth mentioning)
4. The Samsung styling is nice.. (although a bit reflective surrounds for my liking.. under shop lights, it can create some bad spot reflections)
5. The toshiba stand compliments the set's 'speakers' and lets you put AV kit under the telly..
6. The Tosh is considerably cheaper..

The only 'performance' thing I noticed in comet was what is probably the DNIe samsung processing produces smoother (softer) normal TV pictures, so sky will look 'smoother'... the Toshiba is more detailed on normal sources, but this will mean you 'see' more artefacts on low quality sky channels.. This is interesting because with the Samsung, good sky channels will look worse then the Tosh, but poor sky channels will look better on the Samsung.. Although I personally don't like samsungs smoothing effect, to many tizzy effects on outlines, etc..

Horses for courses.. both are excellent.. minor differences, I am sure one will suit your tastes more then the other...

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